Zoning Ordinance

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Zoning I & II (General Provisions & Definitions)

Zoning III Establishments of Districts

Zoning IV Supplementary Regulations

401 Home-based Businesses

402 Accessory Structures and Uses

403 Mobile Home and RV Parks

404 Conservation Subdivisions

405 Junk Yards

406 Special Lot Provisions

407 Commercial, Manufacturing and Other Non-Residential Uses

408 Parking, Loading, Access and Traffic Standards

409 Multi-Family Dwellings

410 Landscaping Standards

411 Sign Regulations

412 Floodplain Development Standards

413 Stables and Kennels

414 Lot Coverage in Development Districts

415 Communication Structures

416 Independent Retirement or Nursing Homes

417 Commercial Industrial Site Design Guidelines

418 Housekeeping Cottages and Lodging Facilities

419 Standards for Bed & Breakfast Establishments

420 Adult Stores

421 Natural Resources Uses

422 Buffer For Waterbodies

423 Wind Energy Facilities

424 Flea Markets, Produce Stands, Tent Sales and Yard Sales

425 Christmas Tree, Flower, Decoration, Fireworks and Other Temporary or Seasonal Sales

426 Wellhead/Watershed Ordinance Amendment

428 Outdoor Recreation and Facilities

430 Earth Disturbance and Clearcutting Permit

Zoning V Non-Conforming Uses and Structures

Zoning VI Administration