Problems with PennDOT

Concerns about the maintenance of the State Roads are brought by the Board of Supervisors to the proper authorities. Please contact PennDOT and the elected officials if you have problems with potholes, plowing, or safety for expressing opinions and concerns about these State Roads.

Remember the following when you contact the elected officials or PennDOT:

  1. Clearly specify where the potholes are so that they can easily find these potholes.
  2. Be concise instead of writing a 10 page letter.
  3. Make sure the road is owned by PennDOT (click here – to view the road that are owned by PennDOT)
  4. Specify the SR number instead of the name of the road.  (click here to view SR numbers)
  5. Both e-mails and regular letters are acceptable, but regular letters are preferable.
  6. Please avoid threats (threats are unlawful).

PennDOT – Pike County Office

Ken Thiel

Pike County Manager

P.O. Box 1509

Milford, PA  18337

(570)  296-7193

PennDOT – District 4-0 Headquarters

Dennis Giordano

District Executive

P.O. Box 111

Scranton, PA  18512

(570) 963 – 4061

PennDOT – Harrisburg

Leslie S. Richards

Secretary of Transportation

Keystone Building

400 North Street

5th Floor

Harrisburg, PA  17120

Governor Thomas Wolf

225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA  17120

Phone:  (717) 787-2500
FAX:      (717) 722-8284

State Senator Lisa Baker

Senate Box 203020

Harrisburg, PA  17120-3020


FAX  (717) 787-9242

State Representative Michael Peifer

P.O. Box 202139

Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA  17120 – 2139

(717) 783 – 2037

FAX  (717) 705 – 1805

Penn DOT Maintained Roads in Milford Township

Interstate 84


US – 6