8-24-2023: Department of environmental protection correspondence

Route 209 Sewage Project 1-8-2020 Meeting Minutes

HRG Update 2-4-2020

Route 209 Sewage Project February 5, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Route 209 Sewage Project March 11, 2020 Minutes

HRG Update 5-6-2020

April 14, 2020, Informational Meeting with HRG Minutes

HRG Update 6-3-2020

HRG Update with Township Planning Commission, PADEP, and DRBC

HRG Progress Report 7-31-2020


correspondence and feedback from the Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection (DEP) and DRBC as well as HRG’s submissions regarding the Task Activity Report
(TAR) for the regional draft Act 537 Plan are here

1-7-2021: Planning Board’s comments, concerns, and Questions on the Draft of Act 537 Plan 

1-19-2021: Act 537 Plan Updates (highlighted)  Chapter 71 Administration of Sewage Facilities Planning Program, Executive Summary, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and Chapter 8

1-29-2021: Mark Spatz on Cesspools vs. WWTP ( Correspondence, Chapter 94 Wasteload Management Annual Report 201, Westfall WWTP NPDES, Delaware River Basin Commi

2-11-2021: HRG Correspondence, Chapter 4 (Updated), and Chapter 5 (Updated)

2-16-2021: HRG Correspondence  

2-17-2021: SRCP Amendment for the Act 537 Plan Time Extension

March 29, 2021, 7:00 P.M.: Public comments for Eastern Pike County Regional Act 537 Plan Adoption: Public Notice ,and transcript

April 5, 2021: Resolution for Eastern Pike County Regional Act 537 Plan Adoption

Eastern Pike County Regional Act 537 Plan

10-25-2021: HRG Correspondence

10-20-2021: DEP Correspondence

12-13-2021: HRG Meeting (Minutes from Bob DiLorenzo)

12-17-2021: Minutes of  HRG Meeting of 12-13-2021 and list of Wells

1-13-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence: Act 537 Tasks and Responsibilities Table

Wheatfield Village 2020 Consumer Confidence Report

1-18-2022: Rachel Hendricks’ Correspondence

1-31-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence

2-7-2022: Inquiry from the Planning Board to the Board of Supervisors

2-24-2022: Matt Robert’s Correspondence

3-10-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence

3-31-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence

4-4-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence

4-13-2022: County Commissioners’ Correspondence

4-14-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence

5-5-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence

5-17-2022: Request for Information

5-20-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence

5-19-2022: Municipal Authority of the Borough of Milford

5-31-2022: Results from Microbac 

6-7-2022: Mr. Magnotta’s Correspondence to Mr. John Klemeyer

8-4-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence for the Act 537 Plan Draft

8-4-2022: DEP’s Correspondence

8-23-2022: Act 537 Plan Submission to Planning Commission

8-25-2022: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence to DRBC

9-26-2022: Correspondence to Milford Water Authority

10-2-2022: Correspondence from DRBC

10-24-2022: Act 537 Plan Meeting Recap

1-5-2023: Township’s Correspondence for the Split Cost

1-11-2023: HRG Correspondence for the Adoption Resolution

1-19-2023: Mr. Magnotta’s Correspondence to HRG

1-19-2023: Matt Roberts’ Correspondence   Updated Plan

3-3-2023: Act 537 Plan Submission to DRBC