Public Sites and Recreation Areas

Grey Tower

Grey Towers was Gifford Pinchot’s home. Gifford Pinchot was the Governor of Pennsylvania for two terms, and he was the first chief of the US Forest Service. James Pinchot, Gifford’s father, was a wealthy merchant, and he completed Grey Towers in 1886. Grey Towers reflect the Pinchot family’s French heritage, and it was designed by Richard Morris Hunt, who was a well-known architect of that time.

Gifford Bryce Pinchot was the son of Gifford and Cornelia, and he donated 102 acres and Grey Towers to the federal agency, US Forest Service, in 1963. The US Forest Service delivers public programs, conservation education, and interpretive tours to carry on the legacy of Pinchot. Diverse environmental and conservation thinkers attend seminars and conferences at the estate for guiding the conservation of natural resources.

Lily Pond

Coordinates: 41.3625226°N, -74.8546224°W
Approx. Elevation: 1,155 feet (352 meters)
USGS Topo Map Quad: Milford
Feature Type: Reservoir
Description: 22 acres in size

The picnic area, which has a restroom facility and a picnic pavilion, is located on Schocopee Road in Milford. The State and County Government built this pavilion through partnership. This pavilion provides picnicking options for groups, and free and open-air picnic areas for the general public. The amenities are well-constructed like state parks, and groups or individuals can picnic, hike, and fish.

State Owned Land available for hunting, fishing, and hiking

There is a 90 acre land, which is owned by the County for recreational purposes, behind Santos’ property. The National Park Service recreational land, which is about 30,000 acres, is adjacent to Milford Township on Rt 209 corridor. Thousands of acres of State owned forest and game lands are accessible through Milford Township by Fire Tower Road or Schocopee Road.